Electronic Data Capture and Reporting Solution

Capture custom reports tagged with indoor or outdoor location
Schedule tasks to occur at a specific location
Know where and what your employees are doing in real time

Any Industry including: Facilities Management, Security, Cleaning

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Frictionless Guard Tour Tracking

Frictionless Guard Tour Tracking At WorkforcePoint, we offer a frictionless tour tracking solution in which movement is automatically tracked without the guards having to do anything except make their rounds. It is implemented using a combination of technologies including Geofencing and Bluetooth Beacon Monitoring. Geofencing Geofencing involves defining circular geographic regions from within our system.…
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Product Launched

WorkforcePoint Product Launched! The WorkforcePoint product is no longer in beta. We have had great feedback and will continue to aggressively add features to the product. Contact Us to discuss how we can help you or Sign Up for a free 30 day trial now (no credit card required).
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Location Based Reporting – What it can do for you

What is Location Based Reporting? Location based reporting is reporting that is restricted based on location. For example, an employee can be prevented from reporting against an item unless he or she is physically near it or in a specified location. Also, after a report is generated, the location of the person at the time…
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WorkforcePoint Beta Release Announcement

WorkforcePoint - Mobile Workforce Management Software BETA Release: WorkforcePoint is a workforce management and mobile device reporting solution that gives visibility to your workforce. Features include the ability to monitor employee activities and movement, define custom reports, and submit reports from a mobile device. Reports can easily be shared with your customers. It is a…
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