Electronic Data Capture and Reporting Solution

Capture custom reports tagged with indoor or outdoor location
Schedule tasks to occur at a specific location
Know where and what your employees are doing in real time

Any Industry including: Facilities Management, Security, Cleaning

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WorkforcePoint Beta Release Announcement

WorkforcePoint - Mobile Workforce Management Software BETA Release:

WorkforcePoint is a workforce management and mobile device reporting solution that gives visibility to your workforce. Features include the ability to monitor employee activities and movement, define custom reports, and submit reports from a mobile device. Reports can easily be shared with your customers. It is a general purpose solution that will work for any industry. However, it is especially well suited for companies with a remote, field, or mobile workforce such as facility management and security companies.

We currently incorporate various technologies including Geolocation, Geofencing, and Near Field Communication (NFC) tags. Our goal is to help our customers greatly improve their service delivery.

What problems do we solve?

  • Inability to verify that tasks were completed and were completed at the right location and time. This is especially true for mobile, field, or remote workers.
  • Inability to capture reports electronically and include photos and video
  • Data entry mistakes and data loss
  • Inability to quickly access and share information
  • Inability to deliver reports in a required format (HTML, Word Document, Excel, and PDF formats)
  • Missed assignments
  • Disorganization
  • Lack of compliance

We have released a beta version of our solution and it is FREE to use while in beta (no credit card required)! This provides an excellent opportunity for you to try our solution and see if the software meets your needs. Click here to Sign Up now.

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