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Frictionless Guard Tour Tracking

Frictionless Guard Tour Tracking

At WorkforcePoint, we offer a frictionless tour tracking solution in which movement is automatically tracked without the guards having to do anything except make their rounds. It is implemented using a combination of technologies including Geofencing and Bluetooth Beacon Monitoring.


Geofencing involves defining circular geographic regions from within our system. Whenever a guard enters or exits any of the geofences, our App logs the activity. Geofencing is typically used for outdoor tour tracking. They can also be used for mobile patrols (location tracking while traveling in a vehicle or on a bike).

Bluetooth Beacon Monitoring

Bluetooth Beacon Monitoring involves the use of Bluetooth Beacons that are strategically placed within a building for indoor tour tracking. They can also be used outdoors. Beacons send out a signal over a specified range. Our App automatically detects when the guards come within range of the beacons and logs the activity.

Beacons typically cost between $5 and $30 depending on battery life, signal range, and other factors. Costs may be a concern; however, keep in mind that if beacons are strategically placed, not many of them are required to ensure that the guards are moving around or that tours are properly being performed. Also, beacons are becoming more common as time goes by. Your customers may already be using beacons. If they are, their existing beacons can be used for tour tracking purposes.

NFC Tags

We also support the use of NFC Tags for indoor and outdoor tour tracking.

Any combination of these technologies can be used within a single tour and the activities can be monitored in real time. Guards can also submit Incident and Daily Activity Reports using our solution.

Note: Some tour tracking solutions utilize QR Codes. We don't support QR codes simply because tour tracking solutions that use them are too easily cheated due to the fact that they are easily duplicated. In fact, guards can simply photograph them on a separate device and then scan them as needed to cheat the system.

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