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Location Based Reporting – What it can do for you

What is Location Based Reporting?

Location based reporting is reporting that is restricted based on location. For example, an employee can be prevented from reporting against an item unless he or she is physically near it or in a specified location. Also, after a report is generated, the location of the person at the time that the report was initiated or submitted is verifiable. As a result, location based reporting is also called Evidence Based Reporting because evidence is available to legitimize the report. Due to the need for location verification, location based reporting is typically done from a mobile device (cell phone or tablet).

Why use Location Based Reporting?

  • It reduces mistakes. Because the employee is limited as to what can be reported against and what types of reports are accessible, the likelihood of an incorrect report being submitted is greatly reduced.
  • Location and task completion are verifiable. If in the future, anyone needs to verify that the employee was at the right location and the right data was captured, the information is easily accessible. Because a mobile device is used, any relevant photos or videos are also accessible. Questions that you may be asking yourself can be answered. Questions such as: "Was he (or she / my employee) even there when the report was submitted?". With paper reporting or without location verification, your employee may have generated the report from anywhere.
  • Reduced liability concerns. Because the location of your employee can be verified as data is being captured, your legal risks are reduced.

How is Location Based Reporting implemented and what technologies can be used?

Obtaining a person’s location has to done differently depending on the environment. The different scenarios:

  • The person is outdoors.
  • The person is indoors. If the person is indoors:

    • How many floors or levels the building or structure has
    • How large or wide the structure is
Technology Usage Info


Primarily Outdoor Positioning Location is obtained using the GPS hardware of a mobile device

NFC Tags

Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

NFC (Near Field Communication) Tags are stickers that contain microchips that can be read by mobile devices.

Location is obtained based on where the tags are placed. For example, a tag can be placed in a particular conference room on the 10th floor of a building. When the employee scans the tag it indicates that the employee is physically in the conference room.

NFC Tags Pictured Below

NFC Tags

Bluetooth Beacons

Primarily Indoor but can be used for Outdoor Positioning also

Bluetooth Beacons are devices that repeatedly transmit data over a certain range.

Location is obtained by determining what beacon or beacons are nearby. The benefit of beacons is that locations can be obtained without the employees actively doing anything. On the contrary, NFC Tags require the employee to scan the tag by bumping the device against it. Also, beacons can be placed such that they are difficult to move or tamper with (such as on the ceiling or high up in a corner).

Bluetooh Beacons Pictured Below

Bluetooth Beacons

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